Includes rare vinyl releases available in digital form for the first time as well as previously available tracks that have been remastered.


The Coastline Collection series spanning the years 2002 to 2012 continues with Volume 2.


The Coastline Collection series spanning the years 2002 to 2012 continues with Volume 1.
Coastline Recordings was established in 2001 and has become one of the most exciting labels to emerge from the Florida music scene. Its founder and owner Kenny Knight, an established Florida DJ and musician, has created a label dedicated to the soulful side of house music. The unique blend of deep soul and floor-filling grooves found in the music of Coastline Recordings is designed not only to satisfy listeners but to transport them– whether on the dancefloor or listening to headphones at poolside. The listener will enter the world of Coastline Recordings – this is the Coastline effect.

Founder Kenny Knight likes to think of Coastline Recordings as “where the West Coast meets the East Coast” – a combination of flavours that satisfy like a cool cocktail on a hot Florida beach.

Kenny Knight

Kenny Knight has been soaking up the sun drenched sounds of Florida his whole life.   Born and raised in the sunshine state, he took to the saxophone and guitar at a young age. With the emerging electronic scene of 1990’s Florida, Kenny embraced and was increasingly influenced by the sounds he found in the Florida nightclubs. With a set of turntables and growing record collection of grooves, Kenny began DJing soulful house music sets. His experience behind the decks combined with his instrumental background led to the birth of Coastline Recordings in 2001. Coastline Recordings quickly became an outlet for Kenny’s productions as well as other producers who shared his appreciation for the deep dance music. As its founder, Kenny has guided Coastline Recordings for over a decade, releasing soulful electronic music on vinyl as well as digital formats.

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Produced by Coastline Recordings.

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